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Florwell  It helps to increase live weight gain in animals, improve feed efficiency, and reduce gastrointestinal disorders.

Accommodation of disease-causing microorganisms in the digestive tract  It indirectly prevents diarrhea.

It accelerates the normalization of the intestinal flora, which is destroyed in long-term antibiotic use, and ensures the healthy development of the animal by increasing its self-recovery and feed utilization.



It is recommended to be used in target animal mass and animal feeds. It is used as 5 kg/1 ton feed in feed raw materials and feed silos.


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Water-soluble Multivitamin Amino Acid for Poultry



Feed Additive Premix for Poultry and Ruminants:

Purpose of usage:

  • In selenium and vitamin E deficiencies,

  • In fertility disorders,

  • When the infertile egg (empty egg) status increases,

  • In gastrointestinal muscular dystrophy,

  • In white muscle disease,

  • In order to protect the cardiovascular system,

  • In suspected infections 

  • Use after vaccination contributes to the formation of immunity.



Feed Additive Premix for Poultry and Ruminants:

It is used to meet the need for vitamins and minerals. As a supplement, poultry, bovine cows, cattle and calves, goats, sheep, lambs, kids, horses  50 per ton of drinking water during periods of low yield.  gr. It is recommended to add and mix well.


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